Winter Wonderland

Launch December 16, 2022
Open for public viewing December 16th to December 27th

  • Scheduled hours 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Donations welcomed

This project designed by Bélanger Salach Architects, will be promoted as the flagship attraction for Festival Noël. The primary intent of the project is based on two major themes; namely the Nativity and Christmas/Santa’s Village. The planning team’s vision is to bring the two themes to life through our most famous Christmas Carols.

What is your famous Christmas Carol? Will it be part of the displays? Come out to see the launch on December 16, 2022.

Info: Gary J. Michalak (705) 918-1534‬ or

Naitivity Scene & Santa’s Village

  • This life size Nativity Scene will be the centre piece of the diaplays at Whitewater Park.
  • There will also be a miniature Santa’s Village built by the students of Collège Boréal from Bélanger Salach’s design.


Christmas Kiosks

  • Last but not least, the grounds will be alive with 64 panels representing classic 16 Christmas Carols, including 2 from home grown artists such as our own Chuck Labelle and Claude Lecuyer.
  • The songs will be playing in the background for your listening pleasure.